Welcome to the CUMC 2024 website, planned to be hosted at the University of British Columbia in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. If you’re seeing this page, this means you’re interested.

Registration to CUMC 2024 now! Registration ends on July 1st. Find the registration page here. Additionally, you can find lodging for the period of the single or twin rooms at Place Vanier here (ignore the Gage Suites listing).


TIMEMonday (July 8th)Tuesday (July 9th)Wednesday (July 10th)Thursday (July 11th)Friday (July 12th)
8:00-9:00Coffee & SnacksCoffee & SnacksCoffee & SnacksTime to Move
9:00-10:00Student TalksStudent TalksStudent Talks
11:00-12:00Moments of L-functions - Dr. Aliah Hamieh (keynote)An introduction to the mathematics of compressive imaging - Dr. Ben Adcock (keynote)The Power of Quantum Resources - Dr. Carlo Maria Scandolo (keynote)Our Friend the Transpose - Dr. Ben Williams (keynote)
12:00-13:00RegistrationLunchLunch & Grad Coffee ChatLunchClosing Remarks & Giveaways
13:00-14:00Women In Math PanelPutnam Session
14:00-15:00Opening RemarksUnderstanding Type-2 Diabetes progression through mathematical modelling - Dr. Eric Cytrynbaum (keynote)Needles in a Haystack - Dr. Nahid Walji (keynote, FR)Dimension Without Coordinates - Dr. Peter Dukes (keynote)
15:00-16:00Numbers -- Are They Normal? - Dr. Malabika Pramanik (keynote)Student TalksStudent TalksStudent Talks
16:00-17:00Free Time/Campus Tours
18:00-19:00Beach BBQ SocialDinner
19:00-20:00SocialGala Dinner at
Seasons in the Park

Recent Keynotes

Power of Quantum Resources

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Dimension Without Coordinates

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Our Friend the Transpose

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Needles in a Haystack: Elliptic Curves and a Lang--Trotter Conjecture

An introduction to the mathematics of compressive imaging

Understanding Type-2 Diabetes progression through mathematical modelling

Moments of L-functions

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